Welcome to our humble abode in Saxapahaw, N.C.

Our home, out in the country, near the good old community of Saxapahaw, has grown on me. I’m finally allowing myself to love the seclusion and the tranquility that comes with being a good distance from downtown Carrboro and Chapel Hill. The house is cozy and the property is so pretty, especially at sunset.



There’s a fenced in back yard, perfect for a dog to run around and play, two outbuildings (a work shed and a feed shed), a rusty old barn and a couple of acres with a small pond. Dylan’s currently working on building a little house, beside the barn, for his mom Kathleen. More on that later. We’re hoping to have a couple of gardens and chickens, maybe even goats. We live just a mile down the road from the little town of Saxapahaw. It’s a charming place with lots of character and history.


Saxapahaw was a mill town, built in 1833, around a cotton mill beside the Haw River. The first mill was built by a Quaker settler but was later torn down and replaced by a brick building. The current mill building was used by Dixie Yarns until 1994. After a tornado damaged the mill, Dixie Yarns shut down.The building was remodeled in 2006 and now has gorgeous apartments that overlook the river and bridge.


There’s a second building; a huge open space that was once full of giant metal vats that were used for dyeing the yarn. It’s been recently remodeled and made into a music venue, called The Haw River Ballroom, which has quickly become very popular. We like to go there on Monday nights for free ping pong too. There’s also a coffee shop and I’ve heard talk of a microbrewery opening up in one of the other spaces. Within walking distance of the Ballroom is the Saxapahaw General Store.



The General Store is a gas station (regular, diesel and biodiesel), a convenience store and a small restaurant that serves delicious dishes with mostly local food. It’s become our favorite place for pizza night on Sunday evenings.


The owner opened a little pub, called The Eddy, just a short walk from the general store. It’s a really neat place, with a copper top bar and funky furniture. They serve delicious food and tasty local beers. The patio overlooks the river; it’s perfect for a warm summer evening. Speaking of summer…

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Just past the General Store, The Eddy, The Ballroom, and the apartments is a sloped grassy hill with a stage at the bottom of the hill and beside the stage is a small stretch of stores and the town post office. Every Saturday in the summer, there’s a Farmer’s Market in front of the post office. People come and lay down picnic blankets in the grass to listen to a live band play on stage. Can’t wait for summer!


The town of Saxapahaw sits right beside the Haw River. There’s a bridge that goes over the river, and on the other side of the bridge there are trails that run through the woods along the river. There’s a growing community of kayakers in the area that love to get together in the spring and summer to float down the river. We haven’t been able to join them yet but I’m hoping to have some adventures this coming spring.


When we first moved here I really missed being near the busy town of Chapel Hill. What I missed the most was all the places to walk. But I’m falling in love with this place and I’m happy that I can share my Saxapahaw experience with you.

Peace and Love